Sunday, September 3, 2017

Used Puzzle - Woody Woodpecker

Recently, I have really gotten into buying used board games and puzzles.  I remember how I used to feel about this stuff.  When I saw piles of board games at the thrift store, I'd think, "Why would anybody buy those?!"

Anyway, when I found this Woody Woodpecker puzzle, I really liked the artwork.

Puzzle boxes do something really cool.  They tell you how many pieces are inside.  I liked the artwork enough that I decided to sit there and count the pieces in the box.  The box says it has 100 pieces, but I counted 108.  How could this be?!  I had to buy it.

The whole family helped me put it together.  There are 108 pieces!  Count them if you don't believe me.

I wanted to include this picture of the back of the box.  It just takes me back to opening this kind of puzzle.  It was so hard back then.  Ha ha ha!  Would you ever buy a used puzzle?

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