Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Comic Book Report - Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #104

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #104 is a Dell comic book from May, 1949. It includes a bunch of stuff!

After starting with a one-page Donald Duck strip, there is a full Donald Duck story. Donald and his nephews are tricked (as usual) by Uncle Scrooge.

The Li'l Bad Wolf is in a Little Red Riding Hood play at school, but he's playing the hero, which drives his dad nuts.

Bucky Bug is a rhyming comic about bugs in a big flood. Rhyming is annoying.

There are a few Mickey Mouse strips and even a two-page Dumbo comic. These are followed by one of those really boring short stories. This one is called Easter Eggs. Then, there are a bunch of Donald Duck strips.

There is one more long comic, Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot. Someone is stealing cheap cameras. Mickey seems to know why, but he never tells the reader. He goes around trying to collect all the cameras before they are stolen, and even starts stealing them himself! This comic ends with "continued..."

The last page is another Donald Duck strip.

This is a really old comic! Mine is almost ripped in half, but I was still able to read it. There are no ads in this comic! The back cover has an order form to subscribe. That's it!

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