Sunday, September 17, 2017

Comic Book Report - Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #172

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #172 is a Dell Comic book from January, 1955. It includes a bunch of fun stuff.

Donald Duck starts off this issue with his nephews.  Uncle Scrooge kidnaps them all just before Christmas on a submarine mission to recover some of his fortune on a sunken ship that was lost in the war. At the last minute, Scrooge orders up a drop of presents for Donald and the kids which leads him right to what he's looking for. So, no one learns anything.

Next, The Li'l Bad Wolf literally goes on a wild goose chase.

Then, Pluto gets electrocuted by a Christmas tree and temporarily gains the ability to electrocute anyone he touches. He bullies all the tough dogs until his powers wear off. Luckily, Santa Claus saves him.

There is a two-page story called "Santa's Return Trip" about the only time Santa ever took the sleigh out twice on Christmas. Yes, it was the ONLY time.

Next, there are four short strips that include the following panel:

Then, it's time for Mickey Mouse in "The Magic Rope." Mickey and Goofy have a magic rope that can take them anywhere. Two bad guys catch them and tie them up in the magic rope because bad guys are really dumb. Of course, Mickey and Goofy escape and deliver the bad guys to the police.

There are a couple more Donald Duck strips at the end. There is also an ad for Red Rider Air Rifles! Check it out HERE!

This is my first Dell comic. I had no idea it was this old when I picked it up at an estate sale. It is pretty beat up but really cool, too!

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