Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Comic Book Report - Lassie #21

MGM's Lassie #21 is a Dell comic book from March to April, 1955. It is broken up into ## stories:

1. "Marooned" - Lassie and her friends go on a boat trip down the east coast to Florida. They are accompanied by a guy who can't stand dogs. There's a big storm and Lassie saves the guy's life, so now he loves dogs and even buys his own Collie puppy.

2. "The Man Who Vanished" - Lassie and her friends return (?) to Brazil to find that the caretaker they left to watch the homestead has disappeared and is wanted for murder. Lassie is able to find him, and it soon becomes clear he has been framed. Guess what? Lassie saves the day!

3. "Treasure of the Orinoco" - Lassie and her friends are looking for the nesting place of the scarlet ibis. They run into a tribe of natives who happen to have a crooked medicine man and a whole bunch of diamonds. The medicine man realizes how valuable the diamonds must be and makes a play to take over the tribe. Lassie is not only able to save the day; she finds the nesting place of the ibis on the way!

There are no ads in this ten cent comic! The stories go all the way to the back cover! Check it out:

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