Friday, September 8, 2017

Book Report - The Mystery of the Square Footprints

TITLE: The Mystery of the Square Footprints
AUTHORS: Kal Gezi and Ann Bradford

CHARACTERS:"The Maple Street Five" (Linda, Vern, Tom, Maria, and Barry), a robot, Vern's parents, three teenagers, several dark figures, and Dr. Bradshaw

          The Maple Street Five, a perfectly diverse group of kids, are out at the beach when they discover strange square footprints in the sand.  Of course, the cover of the book has already given away the fact that these footprints must have been left by a really weird looking little robot dude.  When they find the robot, it is stuck in a cave between two rocks, so they tie it up so it can't get away.
          Of course, when they come back with Vern's parents, the robot is gone.  The group follows new footprints to an old cabin where they find teenagers with the robot and a remote control for it.  The robot freaks out and escapes the cabin only to be grabbed by some dark figures.  The dark figures turn out to be Dr. Bradshaw (who knows Vern's mom somehow) and his men.  It turns out Dr. Bradshaw invented the robot recently and the teenagers must have hijacked it with a homemade remote.
          The next day, the Maple Street Five get to visit Dr. Bradshaw's lab and have lunch served by the robot!


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