Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tom and Jerry #326 - Comic Book Report

Tom and Jerry #326 is a Gold Key comic book from January, 1980.  It includes three stories.

The first, untitled story has Tom trying to get money to start a small business.  His plan is to catch a lion that recently escaped the zoo and collect the reward.  Tom seems to be much smarter (and tougher) than the lion, but the lion is helped back to the zoo by Jerry and another mouse named Tuffy.  The mice use the reward money to set Tom up with a hot dog cart and buy hot dogs for the lion.

"The Turkey" is about Tom trying to impress his grandma by cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  Of course the mice smell the food and come over.  Tom tries to get rid of them by telling them a not-very-politically-correct version of the first thanksgiving.  Tom thinks they're gone, but they reappear in time to steal the turkey right in front of grandma.

"First Aid" has no dialogue, which suddenly reminded me that Tom and Jerry don't talk!  They've been talking to each other the whole comic!

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