Saturday, August 12, 2017

Horrified B-Movie Victims

Here are some funny toys I found at the thrift store.  They are "Horrified B-Movie Victims."

The packaging features a creepy one-eyed giant teddy bear monster terrorizing Seattle, I guess.  Here are the toys in no particular order:

This guys mouth reminds me of an early Adam Sandler character.
She's either scared or power walking.

Maybe they're a couple, or maybe that's his mom?
This one is great. She is missing one shoe. Let's call her Cinderella.

She is my favorite. She is the most horrified and least sloppy looking.
This guy is a freak. He's scarier than the monster!

No one runs like this.

Watch out! This one has a gun. He might shoot you... but probably not.

Anyway, these toys are super cool even though the execution might not be that great. These B-Movie victims might be "B-toys"... get it? Ha ha ha.

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