Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Don't Go To Jail

"Don't Go To Jail" is a fun dice game featuring elements of "Monopoly."  The game has a great balance of luck and strategy.

There are ten dice to roll.  There is one each for the words in the phrase "Go to jail."

The other seven dice feature points and colors that relate to the board.  Each turn, players roll dice to score points.  They try to match colors for monopolies, which are worth way more points.  Each roll, dice can be either placed on the board or rolled again, but if once the phrase "Go to jail" is completed, the turn ends with no points scored.

My son and I played a quick game of five turns each.  We each went to jail once and ended up with a really close score.  The instructions recommend playing to 15,000 points, which is really fun and quick (unlike the original "Monopoly" game).

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