Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chip 'n' Dale #64 - Comic Book Report

Chip 'n' Dale #64 is a Gold Key comic book from January, 1980. It includes four stories.

In "The Bully Zapper," an inventor tries to invent a shrink ray gun to fight bullies, but it makes things grow instead. He zaps Chip and Dale, who chase off all the bullies.

"The Runaround" is about the chipmunks trying to change their ways after an owl mocks them for always running around in circles.

In "Excursion Diversion" Chip and Dale babysit their nephews, and they are terrible at it.

Finally, "Uncle Sage's Last Stand" has the chipmunks helping their uncle to chase off a hungry coyote.

This comic is really bad.  Chip and Dale have really bad grammar, which is cute in the cartoons, but I can't stand reading it.

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