Thursday, July 20, 2017

Winnie the Pooh #16 - Comic Book Report

Winnie the Pooh #16 is a Gold Key comic book from December, 1979. It includes four stories.

"The Damsel and the Dragon" is about Pooh and the gang trying to save a dragon from a knight by faking a damsel-in-distress scenario to distract the knight. Eventually, the dragon saves the knight, but they basically agree to fight forever.

"The Nowhere Bridge" starts off with a great panel:

Pooh and Tigger wake up from a nap and discover someone has built a bridge right next to them. They cross it and find nothing of interest on the other side. Piglet and Rabbit are looking for their half-built boat that they were going to take to the North Pole. The bridge was actually their boat. Since the river won't go to the North Pole, they all have a picnic on the boat-bridge.

In "Invention Fever," Tigger invents a washing machine. It is really just Piglet in a box washing dishes.

"The Phantom Nibbler" has Rabbit trying to scare off crows from eating his carrots. Meanwhile it was a sleepwalking Rabbit who has been eating the carrots the whole time.

Why would you call a bear, Pooh? This will never stop bothering me.

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