Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Looney Tunes #29 - Comic Book Report

Looney Tunes #29 is a Gold Key comic book from December of 1979.  It includes four stories.

In "Driving Dilemma," Bugs Bunny tries to teach Honey Bun how to drive but ends up getting a ticket for reckless driving.

In "Easy Driver," Porky Pig gets a great job driving a seemingly nice guy who is actually a bank robber secretly using Porky as a wheel man.  Porky accidentally turns the bank robber in to the police.

In "Space Age Cage," Tweety gets a new cage that tortures Sylvester.

In "The Great Sea Race," Yosemite Sam wants money to buy a fleet of ships.  He enters a race but loses to Daffy Duck.

Elmer Fudd is not in this comic!

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